Expertise & team

Lenne World Worporation

LWC LENNE WORLD CORPORATION Ltd is the core management team of the group. Those experts including our CEO write the story of LWC and act as manager and consultant for each LWC company.

Each company is independent but work in collaboration with the others entities of the group.

LWC Ltd is in charge of developing new businesses, companies and manages the finance of the group. LWC is responsible for the Brand LWC , its valuation and direction to the group and each entity.

We have a team of experts for each field: uncontrollable creative, visionary strategic advisor, market eaters, financial genius, unstoppable sales people, genius Geek, controle freak engineers, R&D laboratory creatures and a group of factories worldwide.

Everything under the management of our beloved General Manager Damien Delmarre and our CEO Julien Lenne

We are one family!

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