Lenne World Worporation

Founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bordeaux, the group has been working on the opportunities and needs linked to the world globalization and the emergence of countries and markets. Acting as a global intermediary, we manage everything between offer and demand, by mixing all necessary third parts and create on demand within our company. We optimize companies and markets by adapting them within the world market.

It raises more opportunity and stability by entering a new market, purchase in another country or looking for foreign investment and development. We have 3 divisions of global intermediation:

  • International Trading, Outsourcing & Creation
  • Consulting in internationalization of firms
  • International Investment

In 2011, thanks to our knowledge of global development, our experience, we have decided to improve and extend our main BtoB business in Bto C activities. We are creating famous brand: we enhance our products through stories and brands , we understand the final customer. In 2012, We have opened our offices in Poland and Mexico.

Lenne World Worporation

Lenne World Worporation
Lenne Global Trading is expert in analyzing the market trends in order to find the producer able to reach all your expectations without any hesitations.

High quality, fair price, surprise less delay, customer service excellence, logistic/certifying/payment solutions...

We warranty to manage your projects the best way, offering an optimal quality-price rate over a fast paced global market.

Our 20 year experience building commercial bridges between order and demand allows us to be at a key position, observing the new trends on international customer markets and as well to be the first informed of the innovative products, Our ultimate aim is to help you foreseeing your clients tomorrows dreams, even organizing its final delivery right on time before he wakes up.

  • +500 suppliers-partners from all over the world, all specialists on their fields of production, will follow our lead to provide you the products that will fit perfectly your needs.
  • Tailor made logistic solutions, forged by a strong relationship with transportation and regulation experts.
  • Interlocutors present in America, Europe and Asia to make sure your projects will always grow up with you, in the right direction, from the first inquiry brief until the final delivery.

To find out how well our solutions meet your needs, please contact us at:

Lenne World Worporation
Lenne 3P in specialized in the optimization of your Printing/Packaging/Promotion Gifts projects, via 2 ways:

  • Boost your sales by bringing to your communication strat. and your products the fresh ideas of our creatives
  • Improve your purchases by managing the production of your products within our international network of partners/suppliers.
Our final aim is to rise up our clients performance using our creativity, our outstanding quality services and the assets of our global structure.
Our team of experts manage every single project from A to Z:
  • Creation and advise
  • Producer selection and purchase optimization
  • Production follow
  • Quality control
  • Certification
  • Finance planning
  • Logistic management
  • Duty and tax management
Any inquiry? Feel free to contact us at:, we cannot wait any longer to become your Marketing and Product Manager's Best Friend!

Lenne World Worporation
Since our inception, we have highlighted French perfection and elegance in all Furniture we have delivered to our clients.

We have travelled all around the world to find the best ideas, products trends and factories to ensure the full accomplishment of each project.

We started as creator and outsourcers, then played on the FFE industry mainly on hotel and retail.

In 2011, thanks to our knowledge of global development, our experience, we have decided to improve and extend our main BtoB business to BtoC activities...

That's how NUAGE, our furniture brand has been launched.

We want that you feel in your universe as living on a cloud, full of fresh air, evolution, travel and French elegance.

It is all about Art and Design, you will love it.

Feel free to contact us at:, we are at your entire disposal !

Lenne World Worporation
Coming soon...

Lenne World Worporation

We have the pleasure to introduce you the last born of our group...

Lenne World Worporation(meaning cloud in french), is one of the few furniture completely involved in every stage of the development of its products.

We design, develop, manufacture, manage and sell our products.

The unique feeling of our high-hand furnitures will surround your lifestyle, nuturing an atmosphere of dynamism and estheticism where the beautiful meets the practical...

Our creations follow 3 lines of products:

  • Green: This line is at the edge of innovative manufacturing processes, using sustainable raw material turned in trendy designed lifestyle companions.
  • Small is beautiful: Small pieces of design genius adapted to your environment realities... Foldable, light and sexy, all for your well-being...
  • Designed by: Last babies from our pool of resourceful international designers, that offer you the most fashionable finished fruits of their imagination.
Enjoy your lifestyle surrounded by our practical and beautiful furniture...

Discover new livinghood perspectives disclosed by Nuage sending us your catalog request at:

Lenne World Worporation

We are focused on importing high quality products. Among our 370 references, we have listed the greatest French wines such as Chateau Lafite, Rothschild, Chateau Latour Martillac or Chateau Angelus just to name a few. Those vineyards can satisfy wine connoisseurs.

We work hard on providing top quality to all our wine lines. We control the whole process: from the production to final delivery. our team of sommeliers and oenologists makes wines that reach perfection for a clientele with specific needs.

Lenne World Worporation

For 20 years of experience, CF Technologies has become an expert in studies, manufacturing and distribution of materials and equipment - fixed and mobile (Handling, Storage, Bagging) for fertilizers, cereals and free flowing products.

The outstanding level of quality and engineering of CF Technologies products allow them to work on Extreme working conditions, Tropical and Harbor areas. Their use is perfectly suitable for both Corrosive chemicals and Food products: cereals, rice...

Lenne World Worporation
  • Brokerage
  • Trading
  • Your commercial agency

1st company expert on the wolrd market of fertilizers and raw materials for the fertilizer industry, SLB acts as a broker, adviser and analyst.
World presence beside producers, traders, importers, industrials and distributors.
Mastery of technical, agronomic and economic constraints.
Expertise of products and processes.
Reliability of the contracts and execution monitoring.

Every day, we follow the evolution of the merket: production prices, currencies, freight, handling, storage, bagging...

Lenne World Worporation

Lenne Global Trading

The shortest way between Quality & Fair Prices for your products... Yes we can !
Lenne World Worporation

Lenne 3P

Your Marketing and Product Manager's Best Friend.
Lenne World Worporation


It is all about Art and Design, you will love it.
Lenne World Worporation

Lenne Investment Services

Coming soon...
Lenne World Worporation


Enjoy your lifestyle surrounded by our practical & beautiful furniture.
Lenne World Worporation

Wine & Prestige

French Love in bottle.
Lenne World Worporation

CF Technologies

Leaders in agricultural and port-handling machines manufacturing.
Lenne World Worporation


Experts in fertilizers brokerage
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