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Lenne World Worporation Lenne World Worporation Lenne World Worporation
Lenne World Worporation Lenne World Worporation Lenne World Worporation


  • Brand new member of the France - China Committee! (CFC)
  • Birth Announcement
  • Architect at Work China - Shanghai session

Brand new member of the France - China Committee! (CFC)

We have the great pleasure to announce our new membership at the French - China Committee, or "Comité France Chine" (CFC).

Established in 1979, the CFC is the oldest organization of business optimization between France and China.

The members of the committee makes part of the most prestigious and worldwide high-potential French Companies, such as ALCATEL-LUCENTLVMHALSTOMEADS... 

Now please be aware we make part of this outstanding organization, ready to help you to boost your purchasing activities in China and more.

Birth Announcement

We've been doubly blessed with the birth of our new babies website: Lenne-Design  and Lenne3p on August 2013.

Now, LWC is a proud parent.


Architect at Work China - Shanghai session

Architect At Work - Shanghai session have seen during 2 days participations from more than 70 exhibitors who got a wonderful opportunity to showcase all their services and facilities.


As specialists being a part of this show, the exhibitors had the opportunity to promote of their merchandise and commodities.

Participating to this event was a good time for our Shanghai team to reach out to new trade clients as well as to discover new products and services from the best brands of business.

New development axis were found and new partners to come were met, thank to Thomas Baert, president of ARCHITECT@WORK CHINA, for this great event!




"LWC group is specialized in international optimization on sales and purchases for our clients, and creating well recognized brands within our group.

We stand for Globalization, We correct the inefficiency of local business by making it global. We open the eyes on the emergence of markets, countries and products. We link Product to People!

Our aim is to enhance our Business and our client’s business with creativity, excellence and global intermediation. As global middle men, We manage each project from A to Z as a family raising its child.
We strive to achieve our goal by empowering our employees to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience. We know our products, we believe in it as our best customer and we bring our clients in our story. We want to make the difference.

LWC Group is a family where all business can be connected. We help our clients and suppliers, we develop partnerships, and we create synergy within all of our companies.
We all share the same values and vision of being the best in everything we need to achieve, being innovative and creative, and create trends!

We are one world!"

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